Vauxhall announces lower prices across the board

In total, five models will be offered in Expression trim level and the Insignia and Astra ranges will be given a new ES specification.

The Corsa, Astra, Astra Sports Hatch, Zafira and Astra Twin Top will now have a starting price of as much as £3,675 less than current models when bought in Expression versions.

Vauxhall claims the new Expression trim will reduce the price of an entry-level Corsa from £10,995 to £9,995 and the Vauxhall Astra comes in at £2,000 below the current Exclusiv model.

The biggest saving of £3,675 can be found with the Vauxhall Zafira Expression seven-seat MPV, although air conditioning and roof rails have not been included on the Expression version.

The new models are part of the manufacturer’s post-scrappage strategy to encourage sales in the wake of the Government incentive scheme ending on 31 March.

"With the government’s Scrappage Scheme almost finished, we recognise that our customers will still be looking for the best offers around on new cars," said Andy Gilson, Vauxhall’s Marketing Director."

With the Expression and ES ranges, we’re reducing the entry-level list price of all key models, while still offering generous specification levels on each car.’

However, the Expression specification level does include a revised equipment list, with the exception of the Astra Expression, which boasts the same equipment level as the S model apart from the 87PS 1.4-litre petrol engine.

The new Insignia and Astra ES models offer more equipment, including 17" Structure wheels and a CD400 CD player with MP3 capacity.