Kia records impressive February sales

Kia, manufacturers of the impressively styled Sportage SUV released in the UK last year, has followed the industry trend of good February sales compared to 2009 figures.

A total of 143,267 vehicles were sold by Kia in February and nearly 300,000 have now been sold in 2010 so far, a 50 per cent increase on the first two months of 2009.

However, in 2009, sales were down for the entire car industry as the recession affected worldwide car sales. Nevertheless, Kia’s worldwide expansion has seen a 180.9 per cent increase in sales in China and 42.8 per cent in Europe this year.

Kia has attributed the figures to sales of the Kia Sportage compact SUV and mid-size Sorento SUV in overseas markets. However, whilst worldwide sales are strong, Kia has yet to boast a model in the top ten best-selling cars in the UK, a list dominated by the Ford Focus and Fiesta models.

The Kia brand is certainly growing, with the new Kia Venga set to be launched in the UK later this year.

Designed to be spacious like a people carrier but compact enough for city parking, the Venga has been built specifically with European drivers in mind.

Hyoung-Keun Lee, President of Kia, said: "Our outlook for Europe remains strong as sales of our locally produced Venga B-segment MPV are now starting in earnest through the region."

Despite the brand focusing on the SUV-heavy C-Segment, the Venga is a large supermini-sized MPV designed for urban driving.

A European-focused electric version of the Venga was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, and is expected to go into production over the next few years.