Fiat makes vans a laughing matter

Car advertisers are generally an innovative bunch, producing some of the most iconic and memorable TV adverts of our time. Now, however, it is Fiat’s fleet range which is the focus of a series of adverts to air on UK TV over the next few months.

Fiat has promised us ten ‘sitcom’ episodes, each three to four minutes in length, focusing on the ‘trials and tribulations’ of Pete, the fleet manager of Lightfoot Logistics.

The first episode of ‘The Fleet’ is set to air during the News at Ten on Monday 15th March.

Fiat Professional UK director, Gerry Clarke, has this to say:

"We needed a radical approach to marketing, in a sector that has been hit hard by the recession, is incredibly competitive and where we are a relatively small brand.

This is a completely new idea for us and it’s particularly special that the first episode of The Fleet is broadcast during the news’ centre break – currently News At Ten doesn’t even have a centre break!"

A soap-style ad campaign famously worked for Nescafe and more recently BT, it will be interesting to see how a sitcom fares for a company flogging commercial fleet vehicles.

TV car adverts are often clever, slick or classy – and sometimes all three – so a comedy is a break from the norm. It remains to be seen whether it will fare better than the widely panned Citroen John Lennon, anti-retro adverts.