Weekly roundup: 1-5 March

Welcome to the Perrys blog weekly roundup, where we look at the lighter side of motoring over the last week.

Pothole latest

It’s perhaps the motoring equivalent of those ‘caution wet floor’ signs dotted around seemingly every public building when a simple mop would solve the problem, but students in Italy have come up with a method of making potholes more noticeable.

By placing a layer of high-visability yellow asphalt below the road surface, any potholes will instantly become visible, meaning drivers can avoid them when they appear.

Although better than a damaged axle or suspension, surely ‘Street Safe Initiative’ would be better spending time coming up with solutions to prevent them in the first place?

It seems like Mike Conway, Managing Director of highway maintenance and construction firm, FM Conway, agrees.

"It’s a novel idea but it’s not the right solution for the UK right now. To make layers of tarmac stick together we use a bituminous coating that acts as a glue and you’d have to go right back to the manufacturing stage and work out how to make it bright yellow.


The Geneva Motor Show was certainly a cheerier affair than last year, helped along by Fiat’s brightly coloured ‘child’s play’ stand. While the stand provided a flash of colour, elsewhere the emphasis was very much on green, with a huge range of electric and hybrid cars on show. Here are our Geneva highlights and lowlights:

The star of the show was undoubtedly the 200mph electric hybrid Ferrari 599. When supercar manufacturer Ferrari ditches the red paintwork for green (temporarily) and designs an eco friendly, high performance car, it’s time to sit up and notice.

We also enjoyed the new Alfa Giulietta and the first of the Citroen DS line – the DS3 supermini.

The biggest disappointment of the show has to be the Nissan Micra. A simple design is all well and good, but in this case rival cars have pulled ahead with innovative, and above all else, interesting styles that excite us much more than the drab look of this offering from the Japenese manufacturer.