Citroen DS3 designer announces new GQbyCitroen concept

Instead, for the first time ever, the concept was a joint collaboration by men’s lifestyle magazine GQ and the French marque to develop a concept for ‘the ultimate gentleman’s drive’.

Citroen DS3 designer Mark Lloyd, inspired by the GT theme and typical Citroen styling, was briefed to design the car by the British based magazine’s editor Dylan Jones.

The result is an understated, sleek design which looks almost production-ready, as requested by Jones.

"I wanted something practical, something cool, and something idiosyncratic – i.e. something surprising that didn’t just look like a concept car. The GQ car needed to have the ‘want’ factor, but it also needed to look, feel and ‘drive’ like the sort of car no sane man could choose to ignore," he explained.

Powered by a hybrid powertrain comprising a 1,598cc, four-cylinder direct petrol injection, the GQbyCitroen boasts an electronically limited top speed of 155mph and impressive CO2 emissions of 80g/km.

The bespoke, fitted interior was designed by prestigious Savile Row tailor, E.Tautz and inspired by a military theme.

Mark Lloyd, Chief Designer of Citroën’s International Projects said: "For me, the car that has always represented the pinnacle of automotive excellence and refinement is the GT – the Grand Tourer. It is not the all-out sports car, rather it is something gentlemanly, it has performance and it is for travelling, not racing."