Vauxhall set to unleash a new ecoFLEX model

Green car lovers may be interested to hear that Vauxhall’s new ecoFLEX will use the same engine as previous car in the range.

The vehicle will contain Vauxhall’s 1.3 CDTi 95PS engine, the same as the Corsa 1.3 CDTi.

The new car, due to be available to buy in April, is designed to save on fuel consumption and the driver’s impact on the environment, with CO2 emissions of 109g per km and fuel consumption of 67.3mpg.

Both features make the vehicle more eco-friendly than Vauxhall’s compact hatch range, with the new car already showing that it is 13.3 per cent better off than the previous model.

And the new ecoFLEX has also fared better by 12.1 per cent in the emissions stakes than another one of Vauxhall’s previous ecoFLEX model’s, which had a 1.7 CDTi engine.

A diesel particulate filter is included in the 1.3-litre engine as well as an aero shutter to improve the air flow and for the first time the five-door ecoFLEX will be available in the SRi trim.

Vauxhall also offers the ecoFLEX in Exclusiv, S and SE models, all with the same 1.3-litre engine.

All four trims have a five-speed manual transmission with prices ranging from just over £17,920 to more than £20,000 on-the-road.

But the price could be worth it for the savings you can make on tax after benefit in kind tax was reduced to 13 per cent and vehicle excise duty, or annual car tax, dropped to £35.

Vauxhall’s ecoFLEX range reported record sales for 2009 earlier in the month.

The Corsa 1.3 CDTi, which shares the same engine as the new ecoFLEX car, was crowned most popular vehicle in the range last year, because it made up nearly 40 per cent of collection’s sales.

Paul Adler, brand manager for Vauxhall Fleet, touted the range for greater growth, saying there are similar models to come.

He added: "Vauxhall are committed to delivering on the twin pillars of reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy to bring true savings to fleet decision makers and company car drivers."

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