Vauxhall’s green car range ‘becoming more popular’

Are you considering purchasing a green car? While drivers may already be aware of the benefits on hand of having such a vehicle – for example the enhanced fuel economy compared to those with less efficient models – actually selecting a specific car could prove to be an area of difficulty.

Some motorists may feel a certain loyalty to brands when upgrading their vehicle as they stay with the same manufacturer year after year. And those with a certain affinity to Vauxhall but who are also keen on driving a car which is kind to the environment may be glad to hear the firm’s ecoFlex line-up – produced with the specific aim of achieving lower carbon emissions – is becoming increasingly popular.

Using the likes of modified gearing, ultra low rolling resistance tyres and aerodynamic changes to improve fuel efficiency, there are more than 50 ecoFLEX models on offer to drivers and businesses.

With the firm keen to point out this makes for one of the largest green car ranges in Britain, drivers may be especially interested in the Corsa 95 brake-horsepower 1.3CDTi ecoFLEX, a model deemed to be the most popular within Vauxhall’s eco-friendly range.

This vehicle offers a CO2 emission rate of 98g per km – a figure which means drivers are exempt from paying vehicle excise duty – and a combined fuel economy figure of 76.3 mpg.

In addition, the 95 brake-horsepower New Astra 1.3CDTi ecoFLEX was also reported to have a CO2 emissions rate of under 110 g per km.

Citing another example of the benefits of driving green cars, Vauxhall points out that opting for the ecoFLEX version of the five-door Astra hatchback offers an improved combined fuel economy of around 11 per cent compared to a standard model.

The Insignia five-door hatchback and the five-door estate and five-door hatchback versions of the Astra, were also deemed to be particularly popular as some 12,300 ecoFLEX vehicles were registered over the course of 2009.

Paul Adler, brand manager for Vauxhall Fleet, stated: "Vauxhall are committed to delivering on the twin pillars of reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy to bring true savings to fleet decision makers and company car drivers alike."

But as he pointed out that more ecoFLEX models are due for release this year, now could be an ideal time for those considering going green to find out more about the eco-friendly driving options that are available to them.

And getting a low-polluting set of wheels may be particularly advisable for people driving in and out of London on a regular basis as such vehicles, which include those running on alternative fuel to the traditional diesel or petrol, can receive a discount or even be exempt from having to pay the Congestion Charge.

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