Are Brits becoming savvier when it comes to green cars?

As the economic crisis rumbles on and climate change remains a major world issue, those concerned about both the cost involved in running a car and the impact that it has on the environment may be interested in the result of a new study.

Indeed, research carried out by Europcar reveals that some 85 per cent of Britons claim to have modified their driving habits over recent months in an effort to save money.

Research from the organisation also showed a keenness among consumers to save money they normally spend on maintaining their vehicle following general wear and tear.

By taking the time to keep a car in good condition, drivers can keep fuel-economy at a maximum, not only preventing money being wasted on petrol but also reducing a vehicle’s carbon output.

Commenting on the research, Catriona Lougher, marketing director for Europcar, points out: "What this survey has told us is that motorists are getting savvier about the ways in which they keep their own cars in good condition and keep the mileage down so that when it comes to its re-sale they can get as good a deal as they can."

However, those looking to reduce the impact that their driving has on the environment even further may want to consider trading in their existing vehicle for a green motor which has a low carbon emissions output.

Figures published by the firm earlier this month showed that around half of Brits are prepared to drive a vehicle that uses alternative fuel instead of a traditional car, although only less than one-fifth (18 per cent) have so far got behind the wheel of such a green car.

This is in comparison to 30 per cent of European drivers who have made use of green motors, with 65 per cent of those on the continent ready to swap their existing model for an alternative fuel one.

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