Ford Fiesta crowned Car of the Year by Auto Express

ONE can only say that justice has been done with the
Ford Fiesta being voted Car of the Year by Auto Express magazine.

Today’s announcement is a fitting tribute to what is a truly remarkable vehicle.
Given the standards of development by manufacturers and the sums invested before
the product reaches the showrooms it is little surprise that the trade is (almost)
right when it says there is no such thing as a bad car these days.

Little surprise too that with the bar being set so high that it is unusual for one
car to stand out, to feel truly special. Being in my job as a motoring journalist
and driving so many new models it is even harder to impress.

But the Fiesta does, and has. By a happy coincidence I have just spent a week testing
one, the ECOnetic version, and for one reason or another it was my first lengthy
stint behind the wheel.

As the days and miles rolled under the wheels my over-riding thought was not how
good the car is, that much was obvious within the first few seconds, but the question
– would anyone need another car? Is this all the car that we need? The answer to
the first is probably no, to the second, yes.

Even by today’s high standards the Fiesta stands out. It is extraordinary, just
extraordinary. It is appreciably bigger than the previous generation which overcomes
the problem of rear passenger room, it is more eco-friendly even in standard versions
let alone the ECOnetic, it is well built, stylish and as ever in a
Ford, its crowning glory and the element that puts clear blue water (should
that be blue oval?) between itself and rivals is the chassis because nothing in
its class, and not many in bigger classes for that matter, ride or handle as well
as this car. It may come as a surprise but that is actually quite a big factor in
the decision-making process of


buyers faced with our twisty roads.

As well as taking the overall title it obviously also won the Supermini category
too. In fact it was a pretty good showing all round from Ford with its S-MAX taking
the MPV category and with the Ka, Kuga and two Mondeos also being nominated it reinforced
the view that Ford has a very good model range at the moment.

It helps that with the exception of the Fusion which is becoming something of a
niche product, the oldest car in its line up is now the S-MAX yet it seems only
yesterday that it was launched. The Ford Ka shares its underpinnings with the Fiat 500, European Car of the Year
2008, the Focus’s facelift last
year made an already good car even better, theFord Kuga SUV ticks all the boxes required of it as do the
S-MAX and Ford Galaxy in the big MPV sector. The Mondeo
doesn’t work as well for me as does the Vauxhall Insignia but that’s largely a subjective

All in all you would have to say that Ford is doing pretty much everything very
well at the moment. Regarding the Fiesta I can only say that if you haven’t driven
one, do so – it’s just amazing.

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